How to Use Google Adwords & A Simple Website To Get More Leads And Sales Right Now

An open letter to anyone who wants to get a lot more leads from Google but is afraid of losing money…

My service is not for everyone.

But if your target market is searching for a product, service or solution like yours on Google … and you want to divert as much of that traffic to your website as humanly possible, on a cost-effective basis — meaning you pay less for traffic than you make in return — I have an approach that might work for you.

As an example, and to give you some idea of what I’m talking about, one of my clients got over $12 in revenue for every dollar spent on my marketing last month and he spent around $1500 so he made 12 X $1,500) — not a bad return on investment!

My approach is simple:

I recommend you start with a test budget of whatever you think you can afford — I suggest $500-$1000 per month. Then let me make that budget generate profitable traffic for you.

Once your campaign is profitable we’ll figure out how to scale your campaign to grow your business as fast as possible.

How to Work With Me:

The first step is to book an Adwords Audit (normally $250 but I’ll cover the cost to see if we’re a good fit) …

Even if you don’t have an Adwords account set up right now the first step is to book an audit so we can discuss your marketing and advertising goals …

Then, if the audit reveals a handful of ways you can generate more leads on a cost effective basis, and if it makes sense to work together, I’ll explain how we can work together on a 1-3 month test campaign where I’ll work on your adwords account and website landing pages.


Book your audit now …

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